INPAD, a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical and voluntary body aims to strive at achievement of peace, within India, in the region of Indian subcontinent and globally. INPAD also aims to promote impartial arms control and genuine disarmament.

INPAD aims to actively pursue the efforts to clearly identify the social, political and economic causes underlying violence and eradicate them through concrete action.

INPAD being conscious of the great Indian philosophical and intellectual heritage, will attempt to contribute to the worldwide effort at genuine disarmament and impartial arms control as a foundation for secure international peace.

To achieve the above stated aims and objectives,
INPAD will undertake studies in peace keeping and peace making. Projects to solve the economic and social problems and promote development by harnessing science and technology will form an important aspect of INPADs work.

To a limited extent, IN PAD, will make efforts to educate the people on issues of peace and disarmament.

IN PAD will act as an umbrella organisation to support projects and studies that further its mission. Effort will also be made to network with other similar organisations in order to further the cause of peace and disarmament. IN PAD will provide help and support to efforts by governmental agencies by carrying out studies or implementing projects that are consistent with the aims and objectives of IN PAD.

A project to introduce modern agricultural and other technologies in Jammu and Kashmir. Demonstration poultry farms, Mushroom production, biogas and educational improvements are some other programmes in the pipeline.

Based on the experience in Kashmir, a similar effort is planned to be launched in the NorthEast.


  • Kashmir Problem.
  • Unrest in the North Eastern India.
  • Regional conflict in Sri Lanka.
  • Fissile material control treaty.
  • Future of CTBT.
  • Communist insurgency problem in Maharashtra and Andhra.

                                                      FOUNDER MEMBERS

Maj. Gen. SCN Jatar (Retd).An Engineer by profession & former MD Oil India. Specialises in Energy Studies.

Lt. Gen. Ashok Joshi (Retd), Former Director General of Military Training and First Chhatrapati Shivaji Chair Professor at Pune University.

Lt. Gen. R Kulkarni (Retd), former DG Assam Rifles and Adjutant General. Expertise in North East.

Maj. Gen K S Pendse (Retd), EME, former Director Financial Planning.

Lt. Gen. E A Vas (Retd), Former Eastern Army Commander, Author of a trilogy on violence in society and a prominent military thinker.

Vice Admiral Sangram Singh Byce (Retd) Foremer Fleet Officer Commanding In Chief, Western Naval Command. Author of several books on Naval Warfare.


Prof Mukul Asher, Professor of Public Policy, Singapore University.


Ambassador Madhav Mangalmurti, IFS, Former Ambassador to Cuba and South Africa.


Mr. Chandrashekhar Nene, IT specialist and VP of an airline.

Founder member and Co-ordinator
Dr. Anil A Athale.A former Colonel and student of insurgency and terrorism.

INPAD is affiliated with the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , an all India organisation with 92 centres and 19 centres abroad.

C/O Col. A A Athale, C-3/2 Salunke Viahr,Pune 411048.
               Tel. 91,(0)20,26853386.
               E mail :            OR
C/O Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan , off Ganesh Khind Road, Pune 411016, India.